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Frequently Asked 



Q.  Do you offer any gluten-free or nut/peanut-free options?

Yes.  While our facility is not a gluten/nut/peanut-free zone, we do offer  gluten/nut/peanut-free friendly options and try our best to be as sensitive as possible when preparing allergen-sensitive orders. 

It should be noted that even with our best efforts food might still come in contact with allergens.  While we clean all our utensils and bowls in between orders, we do use the same equipment for all our baked goods.


Q.  What is the best way to travel with a cupcake bouquet?

Yes.  Please contact us for more info.

Q.  Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes.  We accept credit card, cash or Venmo.  Venmo account @goodmandelights_23

Q.  Is a deposit required for weddings?

Yes.  In order to save your date, we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time order is placed with the remaining balance due 3 weeks prior to your event.

No, we currently do not have a storefront and are not a traditional bakery where you could walk-in and buy something right then and there.  We are a small dessert gifting business that prepares home-baked goods per order. 


Q.  How can I place an order?

Q.  Do you have a storefront for walk-ins?

Q.  How far in advance do I need to place an order?

We usually recommend at least a 2-day advance notice for smaller orders (ex. 1 to 2 bouquets or 2 dozen cupcakes) and 3-day advanced notice for larger orders (ex. 4 dozen or more cupcakes).

For custom orders and orders for 3 or more bouquets, we minimally prefer 1 week notice. 

For weddings and special events the sooner the better - minimally we need 4 weeks notice or more depending upon the order size and custom detail.  

You could either email us or submit a form through our website.  In addition, you could also call or text us too.  If you choose email, please provide your phone number so that we can confirm the order and avoid possible spam issues.

Orders for online or texts are confirmed when you receive a response from us via email or text message.

Delivery/Pick up/Transit

Q.  Do you deliver?

Q.  Since you don't have a storefront would I be able to pick up?

Yes, we do.  Delivery cost is based upon mileage.  

The ideal way to travel with a bouquet is to place it on a flat surface such as on the floor or in the trunk of your car.  It is not recommended to place a bouquet on your car seat because most seats tilt backward making the surface uneven.  Please drive as carefully as possible.

 In addition, our bouquets are also heat sensitive - all of our frostings can/will melt if left in a hot car. Therefore, we recommend keeping the bouquet away from a heat source or putting the air conditioning on if it's a hot day.  

Once our product leaves our hands we cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred during transit.










Floral Cupcake Custom Coloring

Q.  Want a specific coloring? 

 We try our best to match the color a customer would like but it's not a guarantee. All food dyes vary and can't always match to a product or material but we will still try our best to accomodate the custom coloring of a customer.